Mountain Research Initiative community-led activities are led by researchers from from the MRI community, with the MRI Coordination Office providing administrative, logistical, and communications support. 

These activities include: 

  1. MRI Working Groups
  2. MRI Synthesis Workshops

MRI Working Groups

MRI Working Groups are comprised of individual researchers that self-organise to address research questions and/or synthesis activities aligned with the MRI’s research goals. Working Groups provide a platform for discussion, exchange, and research, with tangible outputs such as peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, or the compilation of data sets advancing knowledge on selected topics. Aligning with the MRI's values, the intention is also to foster greater diversity and inter-generational exchange and capacity building.

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MRI Synthesis Workshops

MRI synthesis workshops bring researchers together to address specific topics of interest to the mountain research community, supporting community-led ideas and generating outputs such as journal publications or data sets that respond to knowledge needs in their research.

More about MRI synthesis workshops.


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