Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences
19.05.2024 | 00:00 –
21.05.2024 | 23:59
19.05.2024 – 

100 years of soil science past achievements and future challenges.

The centennial celebration of the custodian of soil science in 2024 invites stakeholders to address societal needs in agriculture, forestry, and more. On 19 May, a grand celebration precedes two days of congress, exploring past achievements and future challenges. Post-congress excursions range from local trips to journeys spanning the Alps to Sicily. A pre-congress visit to Rome’s historic Villa Lubin on 18 May connects participants with the founding site of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS). The event shapes the future of soil science and its enduring impact.

The program includes the following mountain session:

“Caring for mountain soils, the hidden key to climate change adaptation and SDGs: challenges, threats, and success stories”

Mountain soils provide an extensive range of functions and ecosystem services such as healthy food production, flood regulation, and climate regulation. They also contribute to unique landscapes and can contribute to a large number of SDGs. The importance of mountain soils cannot be underestimated, as their benefits also involve people living downstream. Mountain soils are particularly vulnerable to climate change and non-sustainable management (e.g., unsuitable farming practices, and inappropriate soil restoration measures) which can trigger soil degradation processes. Therefore, best practices are needed in order to warrant long-lasting soil functioning.
The session, supported by the Alpine Soil Partnership, aims to collect research, best practices, and success stories on mountain soils.

Abstracts submission deadline: 15 January 2024.

Cover image Jonathan Körner