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WEATHER: a scientific approach in Water sEcurity And climaTe cHange adaptation in pEruvian glaciErs

16/08/2019 17/08/2019 9:00 14:00

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University of Engineering and Technology
Jiron Medrano Silva 165, Lima 15063, Barranco, Peru

This event seeks to contribute to the research about water security and climate change in glaciers and mountain ecosystems in the Andes mountain range.

The Andes contain a great number of tropical glaciers and the meltwater they supply is an essential resource for people downstream who depend on it for irrigation and sanitation. Therefore, understanding these processes, their impacts, and implementing adequate science-based adaptation strategies requires an interdisciplinary approach.

This event is organized to bring together global change researchers in order to address specific topics of interest to the mountain research community. This event is focused on the scope, strengths, and weaknesses of both traditional and innovative survey methods used to study the Andes’ role and dynamics, and glacier retreat, and to identify future research priorities. The main work package will be on knowledge-based glacier retreat impacts in the Andes mountain range based on researchers’ experiences, and past and current projects.

The aim of this symposium is to provide an improved understanding of the rate of glacial retreat in Latin America and the impact of this on water security and natural hazards. This event seeks to become the axis and producer of information based on the study of water, with the leadership of nationally and internationally recognized specialists, and aims to establish networking and communication among institutions (academic, research, governmental, and non-governmental) for potential research synergies.

Four themes will be considered:

Theme A: Glaciers and Water Security
Theme B: Natural hazards and health risks from lakes
Theme C: Adaptation to climate change in the developing world
Theme D: Mountain ecosystems

Students, young professionals, early career and senior researchers, and people interested in tropical glaciers and mountain ecosystems are all eligible to participate.

Abstracts and Funding

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts electronically on the four themes listed above. Abstracts should be in English and of 300-400 words and applicants can include figures.

Those interested in applying for travel expenses (travel, lodging, and meals) should submit a letter of motivation with the following information:

  • Explain the perceived importance of the event within your discipline, and optionally the importance of the event in a broader context. Describe the relevance of travel to your professional development and area of study. Basically, why should you attend the conference? (max. 500 words)
  • Describe your role in the project being presented, and the importance of that role at this stage in your career. Explain your contributions to the project so that someone not in your discipline can understand (max. 500 words).

Additionally, the applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a university professor, the current thesis advisor, or from the chair/dean of the relevant department at their university.

Abstracts and applications for funding closes 22 July 2019 at 6:00 p.m. UTC and the results will be published on 29 July 2019.

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This workshop was funded by the MRI as part of our call for synthesis workshops 2019. 

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