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Evidence Synthesis Hackathon

21/01/2021 22/01/2021

Conferences 2021

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A two-day conference in January 2021 dedicated to conducting evidence syntheses and meta-analyses in R.

This conference will be held over two days and across all timezones for an inclusive and diverse discourse around the state-of-the-art in tools to support evidence synthesis and meta-analysis in R.

Talks that address any of the following are invited:

  • Presentations of packages designed to assist reviewers across evidence synthesis stages, from planning to communication
  • Demonstrations integrating evidence synthesis packages into an interoperable pipeline in R
  • Novel applications of R packages in an evidence synthesis context
  • Automating evidence synthesis in R
  • Assisting novices to R in performing evidence syntheses with the aid of graphical user interfaces

Please consider submitting an abstract to present if you have:

  • Developed an R package focused on some aspect of evidence synthesis (including systematic reviews/maps, evidence maps, scoping reviews, etc.) or meta-analysis (including quantitative synthesis methods like meta-regression, network meta-analysis, etc.);
  • Combined multiple different packages in R designed for evidence synthesis or meta-analysis in a novel way; or
  • Used an R package developed for other purposes (e.g. bibliometrix) in an evidence synthesis or meta-analysis.

The abstract submission portal opens in October and submissions can be made until the start of December. You will be able to submit a brief abstract (max 250 words) to be considered for a short presentation (7 minutes talk and 3 minutes questions) or a digital poster.

The conference will be coordinated through a dedicated Slack group, with presentations and group discussions facilitated through Zoom (which integrates closed captions for accessibility) and recorded. The schedule will involve presentations, group and breakout discussions, Q&A and networking time. All presentations, digital posters, Q&A sessions and public Slack channels will be made available following the conference.

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