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Natural Hazard Symposium for the Indian Himalayas 2021

25/10/2021 28/10/2021

Conferences 2021

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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

This symposium aims to create awareness of multiple perspectives and research across domains in the Indian Himalayan region regarding natural hazards.

Hydrological, meteorological or climatological disasters account for 45% of the fatalities and 79% of the economic losses caused by natural hazards. Risks arising from hazards like landslides, glacial lake outbursts, large river floods and flash floods navigate across multiple disciplines and go beyond the expertise of a single research group or research institute. Interdisciplinary and international collaborative efforts enhance scientific discovery and transnational research, which is limited despite the clear benefits.

Co-PREPARE is a newly established UGC and DAAD-funded project at the department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee and Institute for Environmental Sciences and Geography, University of Potsdam, Germany focusing on natural hazards in the Indian Himalayan region. Co-PREPARE facilitates cooperation between Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) and University of Potsdam (UP) to build capacity in joint hazard research by sharing expertise and creating new knowledge together.

The planned 'Natural-hazard symposium for Indian Himalayas 2021' from 25 October to 28 October 2021 aims to create awareness of multiple perspectives and research across domains in the Indian Himalayan region regarding natural hazards. The Indian Himalayan Region represents a significant role in the world's mountain ecosystems. It is young and tectonically active, prone to multi-hazard like floods, landslides, earthquakes among others and suffers great loss of life and property every year. Natural hazard frequency has risen in recent decades in the IHR, resulting in massive socio-economic losses.

At the symposium, we will discuss the current research findings in the Natural-hazard domain in the Indian Himalayan region. We will also try to understand the historic perspective from the experts and how they see the future scenarios. The symposium will be a platform where we will get to hear voices from all the domains involved in natural hazards i.e. practitioners, scientists and the younger generation entering this field.

Sessions are designed to highlight that there is a need for wider collaboration to create relevant policies. The intention is to create a dialogue among various practitioners and researchers active in the Himalayan region. These discussions will provide guidelines for future research of natural-hazard domains in the Indian Himalayas. NSIH 2021 also focuses on developing new skills for early career researchers through hands-on training which will bring a fresh perspective in the research domain hence advancing science-communication.



Keynote Talks

The keynote talks will be given by experts on the emerging hydro-climatological extremes, risk, vulnerability and adaptation in the Indian Himalayan Region.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions will focus on the future of research in Indian Himalayas and try to highlight the multidisciplinary aspect of the natural-hazard domain

Hands-on Training

Co-PREPARE believes in fostering the scientists of the future and as such, we are pleased to extend Co-PREPARE Conference Grant (CAG) for early career researchers to participate in Hands-On Sessions. Eligible candidates will be selected for CAG to participate in Hands on sessions.

Presentation early career researchers

The early career researchers will give presentations on compound extremes, bedload transportation and out bust of moraine- dammed lakes in the Indian Himalayan Region.

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Cover image by Peter Ehrlich from Pixabay.

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