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World Trails Conference 2022

18/09/2022 24/09/2022

Conferences 2022

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The World Trails Conference is a global gathering of trail experts, trail managers and builders, trail destinations, enthusiasts and academics, who meet every two years to share knowledge, network and ensure the benefits trails offer society continue to be sustainable and supported around the world.

The conference is taking place for the 8th time since 2010, when it was first established on the Island of Jeju in Korea. This year trails will gather on the iconic Island of Skiathos, Greece.

The thematic topics of the conference are wide-ranging and all of them are pertinent to issues facing trails today, from cycle trails, to long-distance treks, from urban trails to commuter trails and pilgrimages.

Help shape trails into the future and contribute to the important role they play in health and wellbeing, adventure tourism, recreation, sports and rural livelihoods.

Trails are a call to everyone. . . and everyone is invited to attend.


Thematic streams and conference topics

Presentations will cover a broad range of intersecting subjects to tale trails into the future: Trails today are no longer only about construction techniques and planning. Trails intersect with everything from tourism and health, to sports and spirituality. Our diverse thematic streams allow for a wide array of topics and discussions to take place, as we collectively chart trails into future. Sustainable trails are a key necessity around the world. Learn about best practices, innovative solutions and inspiring projects. . .and share your knowledge with a global audience.


Call for speakers

Share your insights and research, your projects and enthusiasm for trails: If you build, design, plan or market trails, volunteer, guide or lead a community trail initiative – then this global conference is the platform where you can stay up to date with what is happening on trails around the world. It is also the forum where you can share your knowledge and expertise with others.

Submit a presentation or talk proposal. We are looking for dynamic thought-leaders, experts and equally inspiring enthusiasts with relevant insights and case studies to ignite action and networking across the trail space.

Speaker and presentation proposals are due by 13 June 2022.

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 cover image by Jeffrey Keenan. 

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