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COP27 - Cryosphere Pavilion Side Events

06/11/2022 18/11/2022

Conferences 2022

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Sharm El-Sheikh


ICCI will coordinate the Cryosphere Pavilion at COP27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from 6-18 November 2022, building on the success of the first Cryosphere Pavilions at COP25 and COP26.

The COP27 Pavilion will provide a place for permanent exhibits, cultural events, and ministerial-level events; as well as informational side events based on the UNFCCC side event model. The COP27 Pavilion will also have a strong virtual element, connecting the COP with policymakers, scientists, and the general public worldwide.

The program of the COP27 Cryosphere Pavilion will include one or more specific focus days, with targeted side events (six, 90-minute slots per day), including ministerial-level speeches and strong Youth and Indigenous participation.


Mountain-specific Focus Days/Side-Events include:

6 November: State of the Cryosphere

7 November: High-level segment II / Ice Sheets and SLR I

8 November: HKH/Mountain Glaciers and Snow II:

  • 10:00: Moving  Mountains: Prioritizing  Investment Needs for a Climate-Resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya
  • 11:30: Investment for Better Climate Action: Building Synergies and Partnerships for a Resilient HKH
  • 13:00:  Cascading Impacts: How Can We  Adapt and Reduce Risk In the Mountains and Downstream?
  • 14:30: Mountains Connect: Partnerships Across Mountain  Communities
  • 16:00: Reducing Emissions from the Informal Sector: Brick Kilns in South Asia
  • 18:00: #MovingMountains: Visual Stories from the HKH
  • 19:30: Witnesses of a Melting Glacier: Monitoring  Activity of the Climate Route from Marmolada to Georgia

9 November: HKH/Mountain Glaciers and Snow II

  • 10:00: Mountains, Glaciers and People: Preventing glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) in the Third Pole)
  • 11:30: #MovingMountains Together: Youth, Climate Action, and Sustainable Mountain Development
  • 13:00:  Past is Present is Future: the Potential for Extreme Sea-level Rise
  • 14:30: How Can We Fund Adaptation Efforts to Address Cascading Climate Risks in HKH and Other Mountain Regions?
  • 16:00: Integrated River Basin Management in HKH
  • 18:00: Leading mountain sustainability through innovation
  • 19:30: Extraordinary Findings from the Jubilee Expedition at Svalbard, May 2022

11 November: Permafrost

  • 10:00: Co-producing Adaptation Strategies  to the Climate Crisis in the Arctic
  • 11:30: Wildfire, Abrupt Thaw, and Subsea Permafrost: Updates from the World's Fastest Warming Region
  • 13:00: Intergenerational Justice and the Runaway Train of  Committed Permafrost Emissions
  • 14:30: Tipping Points in Permafrost Systems
  • 16:00: The 'Country of Permafrost' is the Major Emitter Missing from COP
  • 18:00: Adaptation on Unstable Ground: Stories from a Thawing Arctic
  • 19:30: Inuit Night

16 November: Cross-cutting/State of the Cryosphere

  • 10:00: State of the Cryosphere 2022: Overview
  • 11:30: Loss  of Arctic Sea Ice: Global Connections
  • 13:00: Pathways to Reducing Black Carbon and Methane Emissions Impacting Arctic  Climate and Air Pollution
  • 14:30: Mitigating Avalanche Risk  in High  Mountain Asia: Community-Led and Data-Driven Approaches
  • 16:00: A Message from the Cryosphere 2022
  • 18:00: If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World

17 November: Mountain Glaciers and Snow III/African and Tropical Glaciers

  • 10:00: Africa's Glaciers and the Nile's Origins: the Rwenzori
  • 11:30: Glaciers of Colombia and Ecuador
  • 13:00: Mountain Countries in the COP27 Negotiations
  • 14:30: Role of Snowpack: from Western U.S. to the Tarim River System
  • 16:00: Kilimanjaro and Mt.  Kenya

Check out the complete program with all of side-events here.


Other Mountain Side-Events

11 November, 11:30 – 13:00, Hatshepsut RoomIPCC Cross-Chapter Paper 5: Mountains - sharing knowledge to promote adaptation initiatives in mountains

17 November, 18:30 – 19:00, Hatshepsut RoomBringing mountains to the forefront by leveraging the International Year of Mountains 2022


Livestream Options

To view any of the events, use one of the livestream channel links noted below. All times are Egypt (GMT+2).

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