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KFPE Online Workshop Series

19/04/2023 31/05/2023

Conéctate A+ Event

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The Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) has planned a series of interactive and inspiring online workshops from 19 April to 31 May 2023. These workshops aim to bring together professionals involved in Swiss North-South research collaborations, to promote exchange on the topic of decolonisation, and discuss ideas or promising practices to tackle this demanding challenge. The workshop topics have been proposed by professionals involved in North-South research collaborations and cover a wide range of issues related to decolonising collaborations. Conéctate A+ accessible and relevant workshops include:

The conference consists of two parts: a series of online workshops from April 19- May 31 and the conference in Bern, Switzerland on May 5.

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 Cover image by David Clode.

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