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CEH II: Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action's Annex Workshop

30/05/2023 10:00 11:30

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Join the MRI for a CEH II: Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action's Annex Workshop where prospective researchers will have the opportunity to learn about the financial and/or in-kind contributions to the call from participating agencies. This is an excellent opportunity to directly engage with point of contacts providing the presentations and ask them questions.

CEH II will address the nexus of Climate, Environment, and Health. Over 20+ funders from 12 countries have committed up to €15 million in cash, plus additional in-kind resources, allowing researchers from ~100 countries eligible for this call. The purpose of this call is to address an unmet need to promote, mobilise, and establish an inclusive, transdisciplinary funding scheme, through the preservation and celebration of diverse communities, research topics, ecosystems, and create transformative solutions.

For more information, please visit https://belmontforum.org/cras#ceh22023.

If you are interested in expressing your interest or seeking assistance from Partners, please fill out this form.

Register for the workshop here

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