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International Summer School in Glaciology 2024

07/06/2024 17/06/2024

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McCarthy, Alaska

The University of Alaska (UAF) has organised bi-annual summer schools in glaciology since 2010, open to graduate students in glaciology around the world. The course will be held 7-17 June 2024, including 9 full days at the Wrangell Mountain Center in McCarthy, Alaska, and 2 days of travel from Fairbanks (7 June) to McCarthy and back (17 June). McCarthy is located a (very scenic) roughly 11-12 hour drive (including breaks) south of Fairbanks in the Wrangell Mountains, south central Alaska. See Practical information for details.

Course admission / eligibility

The summer school is open to 28 graduate students worldwide, targeting primarily (but not exclusively) early stage PhD students. Students must be enrolled in a PhD or MSc program during the time of the course (In exceptional cases they will accept students who are not yet PhD or MSc students, but who can provide convincing evidence that they will be enrolled latest by the beginning of the fall semester 2024). First-year postdocs/early-career scientists (or 2024 PhD graduates) may be considered in exceptional cases, if a strong point can be made why this course is needed. Prior detailed knowledge/background in glaciology is not a prerequisite, but preference will be given to students with stronger math/numerical background. Due to funding sources, roughly half of the students will be recruited from US affiliations (no matter nationality).

Application deadline: 10 January 2024 - Accepted students will be notified in early February.

 Cover image by Joris Beugels.

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