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POLLEN24: Political Ecology Network Conference

10/06/2024 12/06/2024

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POLLEN24 aims to generate dialogue and connections between different political ecological traditions, disparate geographies and between academia and broader society. POLLEN24 encourages participants to organize academic panels, discussions, art and other creative interventions in collaborations between academics, activists and artists alike. POLLEN24 hopes to generate dialogues across and blur boundaries between academia/activism/art, Global Norths/Global Souths, etc.

The political ecology network counts more than 250 nodes across the World. Yet, the network remains dominated by European and Northern American nodes in terms of membership as well as participation in past POLLEN conferences, reflecting broader past and current colonial trajectories. POLLEN24 invites participants to revisit and unpack the entangled inequalities inherent in the field itself and provides space to explore and discuss non-dominant epistemologies, theories, identities and practices.

The conference calls for transdisciplinary research covering a variety of theories, approaches and case studies. We particularly encourage critical reflections on the ties between epistemic injustice, colonialism, racism, sexism and other forms of social discrimination. By addressing these interconnections, the conference seeks to provide a platform for intercultural and transnational dialogues and solidarities between researchers and activists to promote decolonial futures based on mutualism and cooperation. With this focus, POLLEN24 aims not only to challenge dominant epistemological paradigms but also to advance a pluralization of knowledge and practice within political ecology.

Call for Papers

POLLEN24 encourages the submission of individual articles, paper panels, debates, art and other creative interventions in collaborations between academics, activists and artists alike. There will be 90-minute slots at all three sites, so when thinking about your submission, keep that in mind. POLLEN24 invites single-site panel proposals, as well as hybrid proposals, where panel participants are located at two or three of the conference centers.

You can submit individual abstracts and full panel descriptions here. Call for papers can be circulated on relevant listservers and posted on the general POLLEN webpage, where you can also find existing panel descriptions. You can send your panel description to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New deadline: 15 January 2024

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