Envisioning Actionable Transformation for Climate Resilience and Societal Change through Transdisciplinary Dialogues
12.09.2024 | 00:00 –
13.09.2024 | 23:59
12.09.2024 – 
Croatia, Zagreb


The COST Action CA21166 Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience invites paper and panel proposals to explore responses to the global ecosystem crisis through both agonistic and consensus-oriented practices. This conference aims to foster dialogue and develop actionable transformations in climate resilience by integrating diverse disciplines, including Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities (SAH), with STEM and technical sciences. By examining the roles of agonistic dissent and consensus in climate policy, infrastructure, and societal change, the conference seeks to create innovative strategies and transdisciplinary solutions for sustainable development.

Scholars, researchers, artists, and practitioners are encouraged to participate, utilizing various mediums such as visual media, live performances, and digital platforms to explore and enhance climate action. The goal is to understand and scale up the processes of shifting perspectives and practices, contributing to the creation of dialogues and practical guidance for climate resilience. Contributions that bridge disciplinary divides and highlight the role of SAH in achieving actionable transformation are particularly welcome.

Key Details

  • Place: Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Participation: free to presenters and attendees (even non-COST Action CA21166 members), but registration is mandatory
  • Grants: 20 Travel and daily allowance grants for COST Action CA21166 Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience members
  • Attendance type: Face-to-face
  • Submission type: Online submission of abstracts and applications for a Grant through EasyChair
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 25 June 2024
  • Notification of results: 1 July 2024

Visit the website for information on submission guidelines, practical information, and more.

Cover image by: Kristijan Arsov