IACS Symposia
12.07.2023 | 00:00 –
16.07.2023 | 23:59
12.07.2023 – 

At IUGG Berlin 2023

The next IUGG General Assembly will take place in Berlin in Germany 11-20 July 2023, with the cryosphere sessions all being scheduled for 12-16 July. The scientific program includes 15 IACS sessions on glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, snow and permafrost, and more than 15 cryosphere-related symposia joint with other IUGG associations. The IACS keynote Union Lecture will be given by Ricarda Winkelmann (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research). IACS will have an open plenary meeting for its members and correspondents, and new officers will be elected for the IACS Bureau for the 4-year term 2023-2027. Here we collect information relevant for our members.



10 October 2022

  • Online registration and abstract submission opens
  • Online accommodation reservations open
  • Travel grant applications open

14 February 2023

  • Closing of abstract submission
  • Closing of grant application submission

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IACS symposia at IUGG Berlin 2023

  • C01 Advances in Modelling Glaciers and Ice Caps – Past Reconstructions, Future Projections, and Process-Based Studies
  • C02 Glacier Changes in High Mountain Asia and the Karakoram Anomaly: Latest Insights from the Atmosphere and Cryosphere
  • C03 Debris Covered Glaciers
  • C04 Fast Glacier Flow: Processes, Observations and Modelling of Ice Streams, Tidewater Glaciers and Surging Glaciers
  • C05 Tropical Glaciers: Mass Changes, Climate Forcing and Impacts on Indigenous Communities
  • C06 New Frontiers in Paleoclimate Reconstructions and Proxy Interpretations from Ice Cores
  • C07 Mass Changes of The Cryosphere – The Need for and Lessons Learned from Intercomparison Exercises
  • C08 Challenges in Modeling, Monitoring and Predicting Alpine Mass Movements
  • C09 Mountain Snow Cover Under Climate Change: From Past to Future,
    • Convener(s): Wolfgang Schoener (Austria)
    • Co-Convener(s): Lijuan Ma (China) and MRI SLC member Shawn Marshall (Canada)
  • C10 Satellite-Derived Snow Cover Products and Their Applications in Hydrology
  • C11 Light Absorbing Particles on Snow and Ice
  • C12 Spotlighting Divergence: Climate Change Refugia Within Snow-Dominated Catchments and Where to Find Them
  • C13 Data driven Cryospheric Sciences: Machine Learning, Data Assimilation and Inverse Methods for the Cryosphere
  • C14 Cryospheric Processes and Related Socioeconomic Impacts
    • Convener(s): Cunde Xiao (China)
    • Co-Convener(s): Wouter Buytaert (UK), MRI Co-PI Christian Huggel (Switzerland), and Xiaoming Wang (Australia)
  • C15 Progress in Quantifying Ice-Sheet Surface Mass Balance: Past, Present and Future


Selected IACS joint symposia at IUGG Berlin 2023

See full list  here.

  • JC01 Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere (IACS, IAHS)
  • JC02 Declining Glacier, Snow Cover and Permafrost and Their Impacts on Downstream Hydrology (IACS, IAHS, IAG)
  • JC03 Coupling Processes Between the Atmospheric Boundary-Layer and Snow – Ice Surfaces: Modelling at Convection and Snowdrift-Permitting Scales (IACS, IAHS, IAMAS)
  • JC04 Atmospheric Circulations and Surface Mass Balance of Ice Sheets (IACS, IAMAS)
  • JC05 Atmosphere-Ocean-Sea Ice Interactions: Physical and Chemical Processes (IACS, IAMAS, IAPSO)
  • JC06 Mountain Cryosphere Hazards (IACS, IAVCEI, IASPEI)
  • JG01 Interactions of the Solid Earth with Ice Sheets and Sea Level (IAG, IACS, IASPEI)
  • JH02 Advances in Snow Hydrology (IAHS, IACS)
  • JH03 Snow in the Critical Zone (IAHS, IACS)
  • JM03 Polar Regions Instrumentation (IAMAS, IACS, IASPEI)
  • JP03 Physical and Biogeochemical Ocean and Ice Processes in the Southern Ocean: Observations, State Estimation and Modeling (IAPSO, IACS)
  • JP04 Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions: Challenges and Insights from Theory, Observations and Modelling (IAPSO, IACS, IASPEI)
  • JP06 Electromagnetic Studies of the Ice and Ocean System (IAPSO, IACS, IAGA)
  • JS01 Cryoseismology (IASPEI, IACS, IAG)
  • JV01 Volcano-Ice Interactions (IAVCEI, IACS)

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Cover image by Bruno Camargo.