Monitoring, Observing and Informing on Mountain Environments - Status and Future Prospects
10.09.2019 | 17:45 –
10.09.2019 | 19:00
10.09.2019 | 17:45 – 19:00

Taking place as part of IMC 2019, this event will provide an overview of the latest work undertaken by: 1) MRI Elevation Dependent Warming Working Group; and 2) MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group.

Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019 17:45-19:00 | Room: SOWI Aula, University of Innsbruck | Presenter: MRI and GEO-GNOME

Taking place during the International Mountain Conference 2019, this event will showcase presentations to provide an overview on the latest scientific work undertaken by two MRI Working Groups: 1) MRI Elevation Dependent Warming Working Group; and 2) MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group.

The presentations will also include a recap on their respective past and future contributions to the work plan of the Group on Earth Observations initiative, the Global Network for Observations and Information in Mountain Environments, GEO-GNOME. Inputs from the GEO-GNOME work plan and its next phase from 2020-2022 will be introduced, with information on how to actively participate and contribute to be a part of this global network effort in this next phase.

An open Q&A segment will conclude this session, inviting feedback and discussions to reflect on some of the key challenges and opportunities for the scientific community in the development and implementation of connected and networked mountain observation efforts, worldwide. We encourage and invite the attending audience to also partake in this discussion and collectively learn about the scientific research community perspectives on how to scale and connect data and information for knowledge on mountain social-ecological systems.

Session program:

Presentation 1 | The Group on Earth Observations and Information in Mountains Environments (GEO-GNOME): Overview and update on GEO-GNOME and its activities.
Carolina Adler (MRI and GEO-GNOME)

Presentation 2 | Mountain Observatories: state of knowledge based on MRI activities in support of GEO-GNOME
Maria Shahgedanova (University of Reading – UK and MRI)

Presentation 3 | Supporting research on climate change in mountain regions as seen by global and regional models
Elisa Palazzi (ISAC-CNR and GEO-GNOME)

Presentation 4  | What next for GEO-GNOME? How you can get involved
Carolina Adler (MRI and GEO-GNOME)

Q&A | An open opportunity for attendees to raise any questions, suggestions or feedback to GEO-GNOME and related activities
Chaired by Carolina Adler (MRI)