MRI Science Leadership Council Meeting 2020
04.03.2020 | 00:00 –
06.03.2020 | 23:59
04.03.2020 – 

The MRI Science Leadership Council (SLC) will come together at their annual meeting in March 2020 in Geneva, offering an opportunity to welcome the new SLC members who commence their term for 2020-2021. The MRI SLC  will meet to review, plan, and steer a course to implement the MRI mission for global change research in mountains.

SLC members are observers of the strategic environment and provide guidance on how best to help members join forces to support and scale their efforts in global change research in mountains, as well as strategically advise the MRI Coordination Office on how best to support them. They are also key leaders in global change research themselves, and through their own actions and research foci they carry forward the MRI’s mission and vision.

A meeting report publication that outlines the strategic and operational direction for MRI will be published as an outcome and output of this meeting.