Towards a Mountain Resilience Report: Regenerating Mountain Systems by Systemic Innovation
13.09.2019 | 09:00 –
13.09.2019 | 14:00
13.09.2019 | 09:00 – 14:00

MRI-funded workshop bringing together leading scholars from academia and practice to design and develop a resilience report for mountain regions.

Following up on the same topic’s Open Think Tank at the International Mountain Conference (IMC) 2019 in Innsbruck, this post-IMC synthesis workshop will deepen the discussions after IMC on the development of the first Mountain Resilience Report (MRR).

This MRI-funded workshop brings together leading scholars from academia and practice to design and develop a resilience report for mountain regions, with a geographical focus. The specific resilience angle in this synthesis workshop is on understanding and incubating innovative capacities to create (‘design’) and implement effective, real-world solutions for building regenerative mountain systems – and how this innovative capacity relates to and builds upon resilient landscapes and land use. Innovation within complex systems is systemic and should be regenerative by design– (re)generating systems that contribute in a net-positive way to their surrounding socio-cultural-economic and ecological environment.

Intended Output

The main goal of this synthesis workshop is to recap and build upon the IMC Open Think Tank to form a core group which organizes the development of the first MRR. The workshop will recap on MRR methodology and outline a joint review paper on the state of assssment and implementation of resilience in mountains, and their innovativeness, in line with the IPCC AR6 WGII deadlines for paper submission and paper acceptance. With this paper, we will set the basis for writing a joint research funding proposal to fully develop the first Mountain Resilience Report in by 2021/2022.

Where and When

Universität Innsbruck (room to be announced), Friday, 13 September 2019, 9:00-14:00, including a joint lunch.

Who Can Participate?

IMC 2019 participants, other interested collaborators from academia, practice, the mountain industry (i.e., tourism, agriculture, forestry, transportation), the creative sector, the public sector, and those who want to engage in a regenerative, resilient future for mountain systems.

Interested collaborators already present at the IMC 2019 in Innsbruck are encouraged to extend their stay for this Friday workshop. Personal participation is encouraged for those also able to join by public transport. For those who would have to travel longer distances to Innsbruck, online/digital participation is encouraged (details to be announced).

PhD students, early career researchers, and representatives from the Global South are also encouraged to participate.


Participation is free of charge. Through the support of the Mountain Research Initative, supporting funds for expenses to participate in this workshop, extending accommodation, and changing of travel intineraries may be available.

Please email the organizers, Tobias Luthe ( or Romano Wyss (, for further information and to sign up to this workshop.

Download the event flyer.