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Upcoming Events

Events List

03/10/2022 04/10/2022

Conferences 2022

2nd Global Mountain Sustainability Forum

Homo Montanus: Sustainable human-mountain relations in a changing world

05/10/2022 07/10/2022

Conferences 2022

EUROPARC Conference 2022 Climate Change, Resilient Parks

This year’s edition will focus on Climate Change Adaptation in and around Protected Areas.

06/10/2022 20:00 21:30

Online / Virtual Event

IMC Mountain Resilience “De-Conference”

As an offer by the MRI Resilience Working Group, we plan a virtual “De-Conference” or “debrief” after the International Mountain Conference (IMC).

10/10/2022 14/10/2022

MRI Event

MRI Synthesis Workshop | Research network on carbon dynamics in high-Andean tropical cushion peatlands

Taller de síntesis del MRI |Red de Investigación Sobre la Dinámica del Carbono en Turberas de Cojín Tropical Altoandinas

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