Global Change in Mountain Regions (GLOCHAMORE)

Global Change and Mountain Regions (GLOCHAMORE) was a world-wide network established in 2003 to study global change processes in mountains.

Funded by the European Commission and sponsored by UNESCO-MAB in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative and the University of Vienna (Austria), the GLOCHAMORE Project worked on the main axes of causality that trigger global and climate change in mountain biosphere reserves.

Project Outcome

As a result of five international GLOCHAMORE workshops and one Open Science Conference held in Perth (Scotland, United Kingdom) in 2005 – and based on the experience of over 20 mountain biosphere reserve managers and the expertise of over 300 scientists from all continents – the GLOCHAMORE Research Strategy was developed. It recommends specific actions to detect and monitor signals of global and climate change in mountain biosphere reserves the world over, and suggests responses at local and regional scales.