Please consider submitting an abstract to this session, which looks at quantifying fire climatology at scales relevant to landscape management. The session description is below. This is the annual session sponsored by CIRMOUNT, the Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains; submissions relevant to mountain research and management are encouraged, but this is a wide net, including regional to global outcomes.

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 2, 2017

Title: Climate change and fire regimes in mountain ecosystems: toward actionable predictions and projections

Session Description: Climate change will affect future wildfire regimes, both directly and indirectly through effects on vegetation. Changes in area burned and fire severity will affect ecosystem services such as hydrology, productivity, and habitat connectivity for wildlife. Projecting future scenarios at scales relevant to resource managers is complex, because drivers such as climate, vegetation change, and fire suppression operate at different scales. This session focuses on quantifying the nature of climate-driven future fire scenarios and their consequences for resource management across vegetation types, but especially in mountain ecosystems. We invite papers from diverse methodological approaches (statistical models, dynamical process models, and others) that focus on outcomes at the spatial scales involved in landscape management. Of particular interest are approaches that incorporate uncertainty into both future projections of ecosystem responses and alternative strategies for resource management under future fire scenarios.

Jeremy S. Littell, USGS Alaska Climate Science Center, Anchorage, AK, USA
Constance Millar, USFS PSW Research Station, Albany, CA, USA
Donald McKenzie, USFS PNW Research Station, Seattle, WA, USA
Samuel A. Cushman, USFS PSW Research Station, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Session ID: 26067
Session Title: GC013. Climate change and fire regimes in mountain ecosystems: toward actionable predictions and projections
Section/Focus Group: Global Environmental Change
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