Prof. Dr. Ricardo Grau, a member of the MRI Science Leadership Council, will be presenting a public lecture at the Institute of Geography - University of Bern, Switzerland, titled "Highlands in transition: herbivory, climate, and demographic changes in subtropical Andes". In this talk, Prof Grau will outline land use change processes in the Argentine subtropical mountains, including their ecological effects and interactions with socio-economic processes and fire regimes, across three elevation levels. The talk will also discuss these changes in the context of broader globalization and telecoupled socioecosystem frameworks.           Brown Bag Ricardo Grau 2017 09 11

When:    Monday, 11 of September 2017; 12:15-13:00.
Where:  Room (Hörsaal) 002, on ground floor, Institute of Geography, University of Bern (Hallerstrasse 12, link to map).

For more information, please download the event flyer.

Biography - Ricardo Grau is a Professor of Landscape Ecology of the National University of Tucumán, Argentina and the Director of the Institute of Regional Ecology of Tucumán University. He is among others a Principal Researcher of the Argentine Research Council, a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Land Programme (GLP) of Future Earth and a member of the Science Leadership Council of the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI).           grau ricardo 0

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