Inspiring Girls Expeditions empower young women to lead and succeed through science, art, and wilderness exploration. 16- and 17-year-old girls* are now invited to apply to participate in free wilderness science expeditions in Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Canada, Switzerland, and Austria. 

These expeditions offer participants a chance to spend 12 days walking on glaciers, sea kayaking in icy fjords, scrambling on rocks, or paddling down a boreal forest river with like-minded teens and instructors. Applicants do not need any prior outdoor experience for these expeditions, which interweave science, art, and outdoor exploration. Learn more about eligibility requirements on the Inspiring Girls website

Each summer, Inspiring Girls leads tuition-free multi-day expeditions for high school age girls that interweave science, art, and backcountry travel. Inspiring Girls expeditions are led by professional women scientists, artists, and wilderness guides. Throughout each expedition, the team engages in scientific and artistic inquiry about the environment around them. In small groups, participants design and conduct scientific projects, which they present to the public on the last full day of their expeditions.

Inspiring Girls Expeditions seeks to:

  1. Increase the participation and diversity of women in field sciences, art, and outdoor recreation. We encourage attitudes which foster supportive and inclusive science and outdoor communities.

  2. Foster young women’s self-confidence in their physical, intellectual, and leadership abilities while creating lifelong advocates for Earth science and wilderness stewardship.

  3. Support a network for current early-career scientists, artists, and guides through continuing development opportunities and collaboration.

Registration to apply for Inspiring Girls Expeditions - North America closes 22 January 2021.

Registration to apply for Inspiring Girls Expeditions - Europe closes 26 February 2021. 

Team announcements will be made in late March. The application portal can be accessed here. 

Find out more.

*Inspiring Girls history began as an organization seeking to create space for girls and women to grow and thrive in historically male-dominated fields. Inspiring Girls welcomes applications from cis girls, trans girls, and any girl-identified youth, as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming youth.

Cover image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

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