The World Network Mountain Biosphere Reserves (WNMBR) launches new website, advancing its effort to unite mountain communities to conserve biodiversity, generate knowledge, and promote sustainable development.

The World Network Mountain Biosphere Reserves (WNMBR) was created in December 2021 as a response to mountain ecosystems' biological and cultural diversity and the problems and challenges they face. The WNMBR intends to establish a common framework for conserving the natural and human environment in these spaces in the context of sustainability.

Coordination of the WNMBR is undertaken by the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme and a joint technical secretariat consisting of the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) and the Valles de Omaña y Luna Biosphere Reserve (Spain).

This governance model intends to combine a scientific view with a local management perspective, enhancing the vocation of mountain biosphere reserves as sustainability laboratories.

The main goals of the WNMBR are:

  1. To promote the application of scientific and local knowledge in management.
  2. To prioritize applied research.
  3. To promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices between mountain biosphere reserves.

One of the strategic lines of the WNMBR is to encourage collaboration among public and private institutions and to facilitate the necessary logistical and financial support to attain the goals of conservation and sustainable development regarding the network while enhancing knowledge and research.

Since the beginning, the WNMBR has been associated with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), joining the global scientific community of the MRI and promoting research on mountain biosphere reserves while receiving support in the exchange of data and information.

The Network actively contributes to the work of the Mountain Partnership of the United Nations, which intends to improve life in mountain villages and protect these ecosystems worldwide.

In this way, the WNMBR constitutes a channel for communication and collaboration, enabling the exchange of perspectives, knowledge, and other experiences among biosphere reserves worldwide and other organisms with similar intentions, and offering an ideal basis for international coordinated action and work.

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