The Environmental Peacebuilding Association and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform-led Community of Practice on Environment, Climate, Conflict, and Peace (ECCP) are launching a global grassroots project showcasing the impact of environmental and climate change on communities around the world. Using art as a platform for reflection, testimony, and conversation, “طبعة الطبيعة | Nature Footprints” will be a multilingual, multimedia ‘storybook’.

Are you an artist with a story to tell about climate, conflict, and peace? No matter your medium or style, they want to hear from you. The MRI encourage submissions with a mountain lens.

The goal of this project is to amplify the voices of communities directly affected by climate-related conflict and/or participating in environmental peacebuilding efforts. Too often, those most impacted are not fully considered in decision-making spaces, and those with solutions are not given space to share their experiences. This storybook is intended as a way for COP28 attendees and policymakers to meaningfully connect with communities, using art as a ‘lingua franca’ that can speak across cultures, sectors, languages, and approaches.

All selected contributions will be compensated. 

Submission deadline: 12 May 2023

Apply here

 Cover image by Jon Flobrant.

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