Mountain Invasion Research Network (MIREN) is pleased to announce the launch of their latest initiative—the MIREN rock face survey, a global exploration into the impact of rock climbing on cliff vegetation. Distinct from traditional monitoring efforts on mountain roads and trails, this survey aims to unveil the unique linear disturbance caused by rock climbing routes.

In this global survey, MIREN invites participants to join the effort in mapping the impact of rock climbing on cliff vegetation and exploring the interaction with microclimate and climate change effects on species redistributions. By establishing permanent vegetation monitoring plots on and adjacent to existing climbing routes, the team aims to monitor local plant species richness and community composition.

If you are interested in monitoring the vegetation on and along one or a few rock climbing routes in the upcoming summer, express your interest via this form. MIREN is currently developing a standardized protocol that can be applied with minimal effort on any rock climbing route across the globe. If you want to be involved in finalizing that methodology, you can inform MIREN through the same form.

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Cover image by Ben Kitching

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