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The Digital Transition and Use of Mountain Spaces / Transition numérique et fréquentation des espaces de montagne

Volume 21, Issue 1 of the Journal of Mountain Science includes a diverse set of articles, including a review of physicochemical properties of dissolved organic carbon impacting mountain glaciers, post-fire recovery in the puna of Huascarán National Park, Peru, and the technical efficiency of cocoa farms in Davao City, Philippines.

Discover the latest insights in environmental and sustainability research with the release of GAIA Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Volume 32, Number 4, 2023. GAIA is a peer-reviewed inter- and transdisciplinary journal for scientists and other interested parties concerned with the causes and analyses of environmental and sustainability problems and their solutions.

The Journal of Political Ecology has published a series of peer-reviewed articles as the grassroots special section "Knowledge co-creation and water conservation in the Global South," edited by Emilie Dupuits (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), Cecilia Puertas (International University of Ecuador) and MRI Chair and Co-Principal Investigator Jörg Balsiger (University of Geneva).

The world is warming rapidly, and this change is particularly evident in mountainous regions with already observable consequences on flora and fauna. This book presents concepts, methodologies and major achievements arising from recent research in climate change ecology in mountain environments. It actively frames the research within a historical context by exploring the perspectives of travellers and naturalists during the Romantic era, with a particular spotlight on the pioneering contributions of Alexander von Humboldt.

An annual mountain report highlighting the changes in Canada’s alpine environment.

The latest issue of the bilingual Journal of Alpine Research/Revue de Géographie Alpine (111-2 | 2023) delves deep into the world of high alpine mountains and their glaciated slopes.

Volume 20, issue number 9 of the Journal of Mountain Science is now available online.

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