Adaptation Committee | Survey to Assess Adaptation Needs
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article written by MRI
18.06.20 | 07:06

What methodologies do you use to measure your adaptation needs? The Adaptation Committee is exploring this question as it needs your support!

Do you conduct research on climate change adaptation in the mountains? What does your research say about how to assess for adaptation needs on the ground? The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Adaptation Committee (AC) needs your help to answer this question!

Following a mandate from the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA), the Adaptation Committee is compiling an inventory featuring different methodologies Parties use to assess what is required to address their adaptation needs. These needs relate to adaptation action as well as finance, capacity-building and technical support required in the context of national adaptation planning and implementation. This inventory seeks to be a valuable repository of information for decision-makers at all levels.

You can submit information on a methodology, tool, a case study or studies, or a link to an existing portal, repository, or platform featuring tools, methodologies and/or case studies.

The inventory will be published on the Adaptation Knowledge Portal (AKP). By submitting your information to the UNFCCCC secretariat you agree to its publication on the Adaptation Knowledge Portal and its Terms of Use. Submit your methodology by 30 June by taking this survey!  

On this page you can find all the opportunities to contribute and engage with the UNFCCC process, including the Adaptation Committee’s inventory and its corresponding survey.

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