Call for Best Practices by World Mountain Biosphere Reserves
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article written by MRI
25.04.24 | 01:04

Join the World Network of Mountain Biosphere Reserves in gathering and sharing best practices to enhance mountain conservation efforts globally.

One of the main objectives of the World Network of Mountain Biosphere Reserves (WNMBR) is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and good practices to improve the capacity of mountain areas to face their challenges.

To kickstart this effort, the WNMBR is compiling a set of best practices to enrich the knowledge shared within the network. Therefore, individuals are kindly asked to contribute by completing this form with at least one practice they believe is particularly representative and holds the potential for replication in other parts of the world facing similar challenges. The form is presented in three languages – Spanish, English and Chinese – and incorporates all the aspects that may be present in good practice. Please send one form for each project to:

The deadline for submission is 30 April 2024, with the WNMBR planning to showcase these practices on its website in the coming weeks. For questions or more information, contact:

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