Call for Inputs: The Case for Reform of Scientific Publishing
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19.12.23 | 09:12

Contribute your ideas and opinions to the Future of Scientific Publishing discussion papers.

In 2019, shortly after the creation of the International Science Council, its Members, primarily international scientific Unions and Associations, national and regional scientific organizations including Academies and Research Councils, and international Federations and Societies, were asked to identify what they considered to be the most important contemporary issues for science.

Among the issues identified was the future of scientific publishing, and in 2021 a set of publishing principles was endorsed by the ISC’s Members at their General Assembly. Following the endorsement, an international Steering Committee was created to help identify the actions needed to realize these principles. A series of studies were undertaken to identify ways in which barriers to realization might be overcome, and business models, technologies, and procedures were examined to facilitate this.

The Case for Reform of Scientific Publishing, represents the culmination of this phase of work, setting out priorities for reform for the ISC. The discussion paper by the International Science Council, explores the vital role of publishing in the global network of scientific ideas and information. It addresses the shortcomings of the current system from numerous angles, and proposes a transformative vision for the future.

As we stand in the cusp of a new era of open science fueled by digital advancements, this report critically examines how the scientific publishing industry has yet to fully embrace the potential of the digital revolution. From improving the peer review process to ensuring open access to scientific papers, the ISC lays out a comprehensive roadmap for reform highlighting the urgent need to shift from a ‘publish or perish’ culture to one that values diverse contributions to science and prioritizes the global dissemination of knowledge as a public good.

Participate in the Dialogue, Take the Survey

The ISC cordially invites proactive engagement in shaping the future landscape of scientific publishing by urging community members to actively participate in a survey available until 1 March 2024. We strongly encourage the MRI community to bring forward and discuss the pertinent issues outlined in the comprehensive discussion paper. Your valuable insights and contributions can play a crucial role in advancing the dialogue and driving positive transformations in the field of scientific publishing.

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