Call for postgraduate students: Afromontane Research Unit
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article written by MRI
30.10.17 | 10:10

afromontane ufsThe Afromontane Research Unit (ARU) is announcing a call for postgraduate students at all levels of study (Honours, Masters and Doctoral). The ARU is looking for outstanding students to contribute to vital new research on ecosystems and people of the Maluti-Drakensberg mountains.

Postgraduate studies in mountain development span a range of topics, across the faculties of Education, Humanities, Natural & Agricultural Sciences, and Economics & Business Management. Importantly, this call for postgraduate applications is not simply restricted to a specific disciplinary focus – much of the research done at the ARU combines social and natural sciences, giving students experience in trans- and multidisciplinary research, with more than one method of knowledge production.

The ARU focuses its research into three interdisciplinary and overlapping themes:

  • Conservation and sustainable use of Afromontane biodiversity
  • Living and doing business in Afromontane environments
  • Sustainable futures for the people of the Afromontane

Postgraduate bursaries will be available in approved projects within these themes. If you are interested in getting involved any projects in the ARU, and would like to apply for a bursary, please get in touch with the ARU at the contact details provided below, before 7 November 2017.


For the detailed call please see the attached PDF.