EGU 2025 Call-For-Session Proposals Now Open
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04.07.24 | 03:07

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2025 will be held on-site at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV), Austria and online from 27 April to 2 May 2025. Take an active part in organizing the conference’s scientific programme, from now until 9 September 2024, by suggesting sessions with conveners and a description of your preferred programme group, as well as Short Courses, Union Symposia, and Great Debates.

Prior to suggesting a session, EGU strongly encourages you to review the guidelines. Please check with all conveners that they agree to take part in the proposed session and refer to the convener guidelines and rules for detailed information of what to expect.

EGU creates a new programme every year, and the programme groups therefore do not show sessions from last year. This means that all session proposals need to be submitted even if similar sessions were run in previous years.

Session Programme Group (PG)

When making suggestions, explore the programme groups and place your proposal only into the PG that is most closely aligned with the proposed session’s subject area. Please avoid submitting session proposals that are similar to sessions already suggested. In this case, it is possible to suggest modifications to an earlier session proposal. If the subject area of your proposal is strongly aligned with two or more PGs, it is possible to request a co-organization between PGs. You will be able to indicate PGs that you believe should be approached for co-organization in the session submission form. However, you can only put your session proposal into one lead PG.

Session Programme Building

The Programme Committee will take into account all suggested sessions and use them to compile the final session programme as the basis for the call-for-abstracts. Then, conveners of approved sessions will be asked to actively promote their sessions and the public will be invited to submit their abstracts. This will be announced by a separate email.


If you have questions about the appropriateness of a specific session topic, you may contact the programme group chair and/or the officers of the specific programme group.

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