Honouring Outgoing MRI SLC Members
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30.04.24 | 01:04

This month marks a transition as we bid a fond farewell to several valued members of the MRI Science Leadership Council (SLC) as their two consecutive two-year terms conclude. 

We express our admiration and gratitude to our departing SLC members for their dedicated contributions. Their expertise, passion, and guidance have been instrumental in shaping the direction and priorities of the MRI, ensuring that our endeavours remain at the forefront of mountain research.

In the meantime, Professor Maria Shahgedanova continues in her role as the current Lead of the MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group, as will Professor Rob Marchant as Co-Lead in the MRI Mountain Social-Ecological Futures Working Group.

We warmly wish these members all the very best and look forward to further opportunities for continued collaboration for our changing mountains.

Stay tuned for updates as we will soon introduce the new cohort of SLC members who will continue to guide the MRI’s mission and vision forward.

About The MRI Science Leadership Council

The MRI SLC was formalized and established in 2016, and together with the MRI Board (Chair and Principal Investigators) and MRI Executive Director constitute the MRI Governing Body. The SLC members undertake their role on a voluntary basis, committing to an initial two-year term, renewable for an additional two-year term subject to approval from the MRI Board. In their individual capacity, they contribute to the MRI’s activities and/or tasks, undertake regional or organizational liaison or representation assignments, generate ideas and recommendations for the MRI’s activities and thematic research foci, provide leadership and interface with regional and/or disciplinary communities, and represent the MRI at events and/or scientific fora, acting as point of contact for public media where relevant and appropriate. Collectively, MRI SLC members assist the MRI Governing Body to set direction, priorities, objectives, and provide advice on scientific or technical requirements for the MRI’s activities, ensuring oversight for the MRI as a project.

Cover Image by Ryan Carpenter