IPBES Values Assessment: External Review Now Open
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22.01.21 | 03:01

Registration to participate in the external review of the second order draft of the IPBES Values Assessment and the first order draft of the Summary for Policymakers is now open. The review period runs from 20 January to 19 March 2021.

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has issued a call for expert reviewers for the IPBES Values Assessment, a methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its benefits, including biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services.

This assessment builds on previous work done by IPBES and other initiatives in connection with values and the valuation of nature and its contributions to people. The values assessment aspires to provide the most robust knowledge available to date on the role of values and valuation in order to enhance our understanding the past, present, and possible futures in connection with decision-making, including policymaking. The assessment aims to become a tool for increasing the quality of decision-making related to nature and its contributions to people, and provides an overview of the theories, methods, and current evidence regarding values and valuation. It seeks to become a key outcome to improve decision-making across contexts and scales.

For further information, please consult the full scoping document.

Registration for expert review of the second order draft of the chapters of this assessment and the first order draft of the Summary for Policymakers is now open, with the review period running 20 January to 19 March 2021.

This external review is addressed to governments and interested and qualified experts, including scientists, decision-makers, practitioners and other knowledge holders. To ensure the highest scientific quality and policy relevance of the assessment, the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel is seeking the widest-possible participation of experts from all relevant disciplines and backgrounds. To ensure consistency with and continuity from the first external review, those who participated in the first review are particularly invited to send their comments.

More information on the expert review process is available on the IPBES website.

Register for the expert review.

Cover image by Dr. Georg Wietschorke.