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20.04.21 | 10:04

Mountain Research and Development (MRD) Volume 40, issue Number 3  is an open publication whose articles are fully accessible online. This issue includes the MRI’s MountainPlatform paper Making Connections for Our Changing Mountains: Future Directions for the Mountain Research Initiative. 

As reported by the MRI in November 2020, the MRI article outlines future directions aimed at supporting and further developing the MRI network – building on the considerable social and intellectual wealth fostered for our changing mountains since the MRI’s beginnings over 20 years ago.

Other articles in this open issue focus on concepts and strategies for preserving open spaces in the European Alps; residents’ versus visitors’ knowledge and valuation of aquatic mountain ecosystems in the Catalan Pyrenees; growth and nutritional risks of children at high elevations in Nepal; the suranga traditional groundwater irrigation system in India’s Western Ghats; a new form of localist environmentalism developing within the anti-mini-hydro movement in the Italian Alps; the distribution and growth of glacial lakes and risks of outburst floods in the Kyrgyz Range; the impact of climate change on alpine vegetation in China’s Hengduan Mountains; and sustainable solid waste management in Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park and Buffer Zone, Nepal.

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 Adler, C. et al ‘Making Connections for Our Changing Mountains: Future Directions for the Mountain Research Initiative.’ Mountain Research and Development (2020):

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