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31.08.21 | 01:08

The latest issue of the open access journal Mountain Research and Development (MRD), Vol 41, No 2, includes new research by the MRI’s Mountain Governance and Mountain Observatories Working Groups. 

Catherine Tucker and the MRI Mountain Governance Working Group share a global analysis offering insights into challenges for sustainable governance of mountains. Co-authors include MRI SLC members Irasema Alcántara-Ayala and Elizabeth Jimenez, as well as MRI Mountain Governance Working Group members Alexey Gunya, Julia A. Klein, Jun Xu, and Sophie Lena Bigler. This analysis also recently featured in BioOne’s Top and Trending articles for September.

In another global assessment, Maria Shahgedanova and the MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group propose principles and ways of developing a network of mountain observatories. Co-authors include MRI Executive Director Carolina Adler; MRI Co-PI Christian Huggel; MRI Elevation-Dependent Climate Change Working Group Lead Nick Pepin; MRI SLC members Aster Gebrekirstos, Ricardo Grau, and Rob Marchant; and MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group members Veerle Vanacker, Daniel Viviroli, and Mathias Vuille. 

Other articles in this open issue consist of a case study from China that shows how bird photography tourism benefitted both biodiversity and livelihoods; research from the Indian Himalaya examining links between urbanization, hazards, and vulnerability; and a study on Canada’s mountain systems that provides a nationally coherent basis for research, policy, and work on social issues. 

The issue is available online and open access.

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