Mountain Research and Development Vol 42, No 4: Weaving Together Knowledges—Collaborations in Support of the Wellbeing of Mountain Peoples and Regions
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08.03.23 | 09:03

Born from a fruitful partnership with the Canadian Mountain Network, this issue showcases knowledge collaborations between mountain researchers and Indigenous Peoples from across the globe.

Topics include Aymara soil knowledge in Bolivia, agricultural ritual practices in Bhutan, community-based tourism in Italy, rangeland management modeling in Bhutan, intergenerational transmission of local ecological knowledge in Pakistan, archeological research on an Indigenous cultural landscape in Canada, and the role of Indigenous knowledge in nature conservation in Canada and New Zealand/Aotearoa. The examples show how innovative models of collaborative knowledge inquiry can enhance our ability to understand and address the impacts of rapid global change on the resilience of mountain systems, while empowering, respecting, and bringing together Indigenous and academic knowledges and research approaches.

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