Mountain Resilience Working Group: Developing Adaptive and Innovative Capacities
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04.02.20 | 01:02

The newly-formed Mountain Resilience Working Group originated following an MRI-funded synthesis workshop titled ’Towards a Mountain Resilience Report: Regenerating Mountain Systems by Systemic Innovation’ last September 2019, whose aim was to design and develop a ‘Mountain Resilience Report’ (MRR) for mountain regions. 

This new working group, led by Tobias Luthe (ETHZ / Monviso Institute, Switzerland) and co-lead by Romano Wyss, will collect existing knowledge and build new capacity in mountain resilience, working toward a dynamic assessment of the evolving state of mountain social-ecological system resilience to interconnected environmental changes.  

In addition to the Mountain Resilience Report, the working group’s aims include the production of a review paper for the IPCC AR6 on assessing and implementing innovative capacities as part of resilience in mountain regions (to be submitted by June 2020), and the development of an interactive, open platform to share knowledge and experience between actors in mountain regions around the world. 

The Mountain Resilience Working Group consist of the following members:

  • Tobias Luthe, ETHZ / Monviso Institute, Switzerland (leader)
  • Romano Wyss, EPFL / Wyss Conseil Scientifique, Switzerland (co-leader)
  • Martha E. Apple, University of Montana, USA
  • Karl-Michael Höferl, Universität Innsbruck, Austria
  • David L. Griffith, University of Idaho, USA
  • Marianna Elmi, Alpine Convention, Austria
  • Jamila Haider, Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden
  • Carolina Adler, Mountain Research Initiative, Switzerland

Coming up on the working group’s agenda is a three-day ‘Resilience Design Workshop’ 16-18 April 2020 at Monviso Institute in Ostana, Italy.

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Any questions regarding the Mountain Resilience working group may be addressed to Tobias Luthe

 Photo by preenasundersingh