MRI Communications Survey 2022: The Results Are In!
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14.02.23 | 12:02

We asked, you answered.

“Communicate Effectively” is a key function of the MRI Coordination Office that enables us to meet our objectives and support the MRI network. In July 2022, we surveyed the MRI community for feedback on our communications as we review and aim to improve our MRI communications strategy. 77 members from all continents working in various fields responded to the survey.

Here are 10 things we learned:

  1. The top 5 words that respondents used to describe the MRI were mountains, research, network, global, and sustainability.
  2. Overall, 4 out of 5 respondents are satisfied with MRI communications.
  3. 2 out of 3 respondents said they made a connection through the MRI—citing opportunities shared in our monthly newsletter, at workshops at conferences/events, and via other members/MRI membership list.
  4. The MRI newsletters and website are the primary information sources and the most useful for our network.

Info sources 2022 Comms Survey
NL and Web 2022 Comms Survey
  1. Social media got mixed reviews as an information source with respondents noting a lack of use, ethical issues associated with these channels, and/or feeling overwhelmed by social media feeds.

Social Media 2022 Comms Survey

  1. Overall, the respondents are satisfied with MRI’s content in terms of clarity, style, purpose, scientific quality, timeliness, and overall effectiveness.

Content 2022 Comms Survey

  1. The respondents find communication about external events, projects, and publications the most useful.
  2. The top communications ideas are: promoting connection, such as topical webinars, and side events at conferences. There was also an interest in an edited “MRI magazine”
  3. Respondents want to see more research in the “real-time”—not just outcomes, but research failings that promote the learning moments.

“MRI seems too PR oriented, and as such is too focused on the success stories, “best practices”. We can also, and importantly, learn from why a mountain-centered project, programme or policy failed, did not achieve its mission, and what can be done, or could be tried to not repeat this outcome.”

  1. Respondents want to see more diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and belonging. Examples include mountain themes, regionally focused stories, discipline/area of work, and/or opportunities for researchers in lower-income countries.

“Find out ways for greater involvement of mountain researchers (promote diversity, inclusiveness) through webinars, a compilation of recent publications for bibliography, more opportunities for working together, exchange visits, research collaboration etc.”

It’s possible that these results are skewed in favor of the newsletter channel, since our sample pool was comprised of active newsletter subscribers. There was also a clear majority response by region (Europe 56%) and area of work (Academia 73%). In future surveys, we hope to have more diversity in responses or apply a probabilistic model to the results.

We sincerely thank everyone in the MRI community who took the time to participate in our survey and offer valuable feedback. We will carry it forward as we aim to create communication that is important to our members. Have feedback or questions? Contact us:

Cover image of words used to describe the MRI brand in the survey.