New Issue of HIMALAYA: The Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalaya Studies, Vol.41, No.2
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article written by MRI
12.01.23 | 01:01

As their 50th year of publishing research on Nepal and the Himalayas draws to a close, HIMALAYA is proud to bring issue 41.2 to readers across the globe.

This issue features a special section edited by former HIMALAYA editor Arjun Guneratne featuring three articles on Tharu Identity. it’s followed by four omnibus articles touching on themes of caste, Tibetan pilgrimage, kinship, and identity. The issue has a perspective piece by long-term contributor Geoff Childs, a wonderful photo essay by Paola Tiné, and a rich selection of seven book reviews. Finally, the journal is excited to include a conference report summarizing the recent Himalaya Studies Conference, organized by the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS), and held at the University of Toronto from 13-16 October 2022.

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Cover image by Sukant Sharma