New Issue of the Journal of Mountain Science, Vol. 19, Issue 10
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article written by MRI
08.11.22 | 01:11

Volume 19, issue 10 of the Journal of Mountain Science explores topics ranging from the effect of elevation on floristic diversity, life forms, and chorotypes in the Al-Hada mountain escarpment in Saudi Arabia to the state of mountain research in Canada.

Other articles look at compounding soils to improve cropland quality (a study based on field experiments and model simulations in the loess hilly-gully region, China), characteristics of timberline and treeline altitudinal distribution in Mt. Namjagbarwa and their geographical interpretation, surrogacy of bird species in systematic conservation planning and conservation assessments in Yunnan Province, China, and the development of a landscape index to link landscape pattern to runoff and sediment, among many other topics. 

The Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) is an international English-language journal on mountain sciences. It publishes research and technical papers on mountain environment, mountain ecology, mountain hazards, mountain resources, and sustainable mountain development.

The JMS is supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), sponsored by the Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, published by Science Press China, and distributed by Springer exclusively throughout the world (excluding Mainland China).

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Cover image by Matheus Bandoch.