New Issues | Mountain Research and Development Vol 40, Nos 1 and 2: Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
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24.02.21 | 02:02

A new focus issue of Mountain Research and Development explores mountain biodiversity’s role for sustainable development, and an open issue looks at tourism development in the South Caucasus – among other topics.

Two new issues of Mountain Research and Development (MRD) are complete. Vol 40, No 2, guest-edited by Davah Payne of the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment, focuses on the role of mountain biodiversity for sustainable development. Papers offer further evidence of mountain species’ importance for human livelihoods and well-being, and call for effective conservation and management approaches.

In addition to an insightful analysis of current and the agenda for future research in the Andes, East African mountains, European Alps, and Hindu Kush Himalaya, the issue contains studies from Pakistan, Nepal, and India on the recognition and value of ecosystem services for local communities. Other contributions from the Himalayas, Polar Urals, and Italian Alps analyze how mountain species respond to the pressures of human use, invasive species, and climate change; several show ways of improving the situation, like the article on diversification of formerly air-polluted spruce stands in the Czech Jizera Mountains.

Vol 40, No 1 also contains several biodiversity-related articles—from Iran, India, and China; further studies focus on tourism development in the South Caucasus and mountain farming in the Maloti–Drakensberg mountains.

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