Regional Environmental Change | Special Issue on Land Cover in Mountains
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14.11.17 | 12:11

The journal Regional Environmental Change has published a special issue focusing on the topic ‘Current practices and challenges for modelling past and future land use and land cover changes in mountainous regions.’ 

This special issue of  Regional Environmental Change (Volume 17, Issue 8, December 2017) features many papers presented at the 2015 ‘Mountains of Our Future Earth’ conference in Perth, Scotland, and was guest edited by Jacek Kozak, Urs Gimmi, Thomas Houet, and Janine Bolliger.


The issue features the following papers:

Regional Environmental Change
Current practices and challenges for modelling past and future land use and land cover changes in mountainous regions

Jacek Kozak, Urs Gimmi, Thomas Houet, Janine Bolliger

Long-term land-cover/use change in a traditional farming landscape in Romania inferred from pollen data, historical maps and satellite images

Tobias Kuemmerle, Angelica Feurdean, Catalina Munteanu.
Nineteenth-century land-use legacies affect contemporary land abandonment in the Carpathians
Catalina Munteanu, Tobias Kuemmerle, Martin Boltiziar

Long-term change in drivers of forest cover expansion: an analysis for Switzerland (1850-2000)
Christin Loran, Catalina Munteanu, Peter H. Verburg

Using land use/land cover trajectories to uncover ecosystem service patterns across the Alps
Lukas Egarter Vigl, Erich Tasser, Uta Schirpke

Historical trajectories in land use pattern and grassland ecosystem services in two European alpine landscapes
Sandra Lavorel, Karl Grigulis, Georg Leitinger

Reconstructing forest-cover change in the Swiss Alps between 1880 and 2010 using ensemble modelling
Janine Bolliger, Dirk Schmatz, Robert Pazúr

Legacies, socio-economic and biophysical processes and drivers: the case of future forest cover expansion in the Polish Carpathians and Swiss Alps
Bronwyn Price, Dominik Kaim, Marcin Szwagrzyk

Downscaling scenarios of future land use and land cover changes using a participatory approach: an application to mountain risk assessment in the Pyrenees (France)
Thomas Houet, Marine Grémont, Laure Vacquié, Yann Forget

apping uncertainties in the future provision of ecosystem services in a mountain region in Switzerland
Sibyl Hanna Brunner, Robert Huber, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey