Community-Led Activities

MRI Community-Led Activities are primarily led by researchers, with the MRI Coordination Office supporting administration and communications.

MRI Working Groups

MRI Working Groups bring together individual researchers to address research questions and synthesize activities aligned with the MRI’s objectives. These Working Groups provide a platform for discussion, exchange, and research, with two-year work plans (with possible extensions) specifying planned peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, or the compilation of datasets. These working groups are open to the community, and we encourage MRI network members to actively participate in their activities—especially early career researchers.

Currently, the MRI comprises five working groups, each encouraged to interconnect ideas and cultivate synergies among themselves. These groups include:

  1. Mountain Social-Ecological Futures

  2. Elevation Dependent Climate Change

  3. Mountain Observatories

  4. Mountain Governance

  5. Mountain Resilience

Synthesis and Scoping Workshops

These bring researchers together to address specific topics of interest to the mountain research community, supporting community-led ideas and generating outputs that respond to knowledge needs in their research and for policy. Seed funding is provided by the MRI Coordination Office to support these activities after annual calls for proposals. The active participation of early-career researchers and other underrepresented groups is encouraged and is part of the funding conditions for supporting these workshops in future.

MRI Co-PI/SLC-Led Incubators

These provide seed funding to groups consisting of MRI Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) and MRI Science Leadership Council (SLC) members. The funding is intended to support research synthesis activities and publications, incentivizing and assisting Co-PIs/SLC members in leading and generating ideas that inspire research agendas or in forming MRI Working Groups.