Coordination Office

Coordination Office

The MRI Coordination Office works with the mountain research community to identify research priorities and possibilities for common action, and supports this common action by providing targeted funding, coordination, and administrative assistance. It also strives to keep the research community informed, and works with research organizations and funding agencies to ensure that mountain global change topics are recognized and addressed. The MRI Executive Director oversees the work of the MRI Coordination Office and contributes to the strategic and operational discussions and decisions made within the MRI Governing Body.

Through its activities, the MRI Coordination Office aims to:

1) strengthen the mountain research network;
2) bolster research activity;
3) enable capacity-building;
4) support thematic advocacy for mountains;
5) provide resource opportunities;
6) facilitate science-policy-society interactions;
7) communicate effectively; and
8) track impact.

The MRI Coordination Office is hosted by the Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. Carolina Adler

Executive Director
Mountain Research Initiative

Alexandrine Massot

Scientific Project Officer (GEO Mountains)
Mountain Research Initiative

Pauline Robert

Scientific Project Officer
Mountain Research Initiative

Dr. James Thornton

Senior Scientific Project Officer (GEO Mountains)
Mountain Research Initiative

Heather Turnbach

Communications Manager
Mountain Research Initiative