New Publications February 2022
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01.03.22 | 01:03

Welcome to our February 2022 round-up of new publications! This list contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time.

19-25 February 2022

A regionally resolved inventory of High Mountain Asia surge-type glaciers, derived from a multi-factor remote sensing approach

Alpine rockwall erosion patterns follow elevation-dependent climate trajectories

Climate change-related risks and adaptation potential in Central and South America during the 21st century

Cloud forcing of surface energy balance from in-situ measurements in diverse mountain glacier environments

[Book chapter] Cultural Transmission in Slovak Mountain Regions: Local Knowledge as Symbolic Argumentation

Drivers of changing crops and cropping patterns in the different elevation zones of middle mountain, Nepal

From mountains to megaregions: A powershed analysis of the Third Pole hydropower boom

Future upstream water consumption and its impact on downstream water availability in the transboundary Indus Basin

Glacier and rock glacier changes since the 1950s in the La Laguna catchment, Chile

High-mountain lakes as indicators of microplastic pollution: current and future perspectives

Intraspecific trait variation in alpine plants relates to their elevational distribution

On the distribution and productivity of mountain grasslands in the Gran Paradiso National Park, NW Italy: A remote sensing approach

Reconstruction and Characterisation of Past and the Most Recent Slope Failure Events at the 2021 Rock-Ice Avalanche Site in Chamoli, Indian Himalaya

Role of rock glaciers and other high-altitude depositional units in the hydrology of the mountain watersheds of the Northern Patagonian Andes

The International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, September 2019 (IMC2019): A Synthesis with Recommendations for Research

Valley–Mountain Circulation Associated with the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in the Tropical Andes (Santa River Basin, Peru)

12-18 February 2022

A network to enhance the contributions from the social sciences and humanities to IPBES

A New Decision Process for Choosing the Wind Resource Assessment Workflow with the Best Compromise between Accuracy and Costs for a Given Project in Complex Terrain

A social–ecological perspective on climate anxiety in children and adolescents

Agroforestry for mountain development: Prospects, challenges and ways forward in Nepal

Alpine rockwall erosion patterns follow elevation-dependent climate trajectories

Assessing conservation attitudes of mountain communities under different resource management regimes in northern Pakistan

Causes, impacts and patterns of disastrous river floods

Diversity-accuracy assessment of multiple classifier systems for the land cover classification of the Khumbu region in the Himalayas

Dynamics of pastoral traditional ecological knowledge: a global state-of-the-art review

Ecological and evolutionary processes shape below-ground springtail communities along an elevational gradient

Essential ecosystem service variables for monitoring progress towards sustainability

Explaining the differential response of glaciers across different mountain ranges in the north-western Himalaya, India

GNSS signal-based snow water equivalent determination for different snowpack conditions along a steep elevation gradient

Granular porous landslide tsunami modelling – the 2014 Lake Askja flank collapse

Hunter-gatherer technological organization and responses to Holocene climate change in coastal, lakeshore, and grassland ecologies of eastern Africa

Interplays between changing biophysical and social limits under climate change: implications for sustainable adaptation in food systems

Modelling surface temperature and radiation budget of snow-covered complex terrain

Operationalizing water-energy-food nexus research for sustainable development in social-ecological systems: an interdisciplinary learning case in Central Asia

Plant biodiversity declines with increasing coffee yield in Ethiopia’s coffee agroforests

Plant evolutionary ecology in mountain regions in space and time

Reducing adverse impacts of Amazon hydropower expansion

Regeneration potential of a degraded alpine mountain bog: complex regeneration patterns after grazing cessation and partial rewetting

Runoff and soil erosion in the integrated farming systems based on micro-watersheds under projected climate change scenarios and adaptation strategies in the eastern Himalayan mountain ecosystem (India)

Strong acceleration of glacier area loss in the Greater Caucasus between 2000 and 2020

[REPORT] IISD – State of Global Environmental Governance 2021

The SALTENA Experiment: Comprehensive Observations of Aerosol Sources, Formation, and Processes in the South American Andes

Think globally, measure locally: The MIREN standardized protocol for monitoring plant species distributions along elevation gradients

Topographic Characteristics of Drainage Divides at the Mountain-Range Scale—A Review of DTM-Based Analytical Tools

Vegetation Ecology of Debris-Covered Glaciers (DCGs) – Site Conditions, Vegetation Patterns and Implications for DCGs Serving as Quaternary Cold- and Warm-Stage Plant Refugia

Which sustainability objectives are difficult to achieve? The mid-term evaluation of predicted scenarios in remote mountain agricultural landscapes in Slovakia

Will forest dynamics continue to accelerate throughout the 21st century in the Northern Alps?

5-11 February 2022

A geography of drought indices: mismatch between indicators of drought and its impacts on water and food securities

A predictive flight-altitude model for avoiding future conflicts between an emblematic raptor and wind energy development in the Swiss Alps

Assessing extremes in hydroclimatology: A review on probabilistic methods

Assessment of the Impact of Higher Temperatures Due to Climate Change on the Mortality Risk Indexes in Ecuador Until 2070

Compound flood impact forecasting: integrating fluvial and flash flood impact assessments into a unified system

Ice velocity and thickness of the world’s glaciers

Increased annual methane uptake driven by warmer winters in an alpine meadow

Interaction of elevation and climate change on fire weather risk

Managing environmental diversity in the eastern foothills of the Andes: pre-Columbian agrarian landscapes in the El Alto-Ancasti mountain range

Northern Argentinian Andes: A Factory of Energy Territories

Ten facts about land systems for sustainability

The multidimensional (and contrasting) effects of environmental warming on a group of montane tropical lizards

Tracing hotspots of soil erosion in high mountain environments: how forensic science based on plant eDNA can lead the way. An opinion

Unintended consequences of climate change mitigation for African river basins

29 January – 4 February 2022

A comparison of National Water Model retrospective analysis snow outputs at snow telemetry sites across the Western United States

Active fires show an increasing elevation trend in the tropical highlands

Assessment Principles for Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountain Regions

Combining geomorphological approach and thermal monitoring for permafrost research in Rodna Mountains, Northern Romanian Carpathians

Defining a sustainable development target space for 2030 and 2050

Earth’s sediment cycle during the Anthropocene

Evidence for niche conservatism in alpine beetles under a climate-driven species pump model

Evolution of Glacial Lake Cochrane During the Last Glacial Termination, Central Chilean Patagonia (∼47°S)

Impact of Rainfall-Induced Landslide Susceptibility Risk on Mountain Roadside in Northern Thailand

Mass Balance of Four Mongolian Glaciers: In-situ Measurements, Long-Term Reconstruction and Sensitivity Analysis

Operationalizing agency in livelihoods research: smallholder farming livelihoods in southwest Ethiopia

Permafrost in monitored unstable rock slopes in Norway – new insights from temperature and surface velocity measurements, geophysical surveying, and ground temperature modelling

Predicted wind and solar energy expansion has minimal overlap with multiple conservation priorities across global regions

The Contribution of Local Food Products in Fostering Tourism for Marginal Mountain Areas: An Exploratory Study on Northwestern Italian Alps

The importance of indirect effects of climate change adaptations on alpine and pre-alpine freshwater systems

Water Resource Availability Assessment Through Hydrological Simulation Under Climate Change in the Huangshui Watershed of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

Cover image by Ingo Jakubke.