New Publications July 2020
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01.08.20 | 02:08

Welcome to our monthly round-up of new publications! Here you will find a weekly-updated list of relevant, newly published articles on mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time. 

25-31 July 2020

A systematic review of participatory scenario planning to envision mountain social-ecological systems futures

Alpine vegetation in the context of climate change: A global review of past research and future directions (preprint)

Satellite-observed monthly glacier and snow mass changes in southeast Tibet: implication for substantial meltwater contribution to the Brahmaputra

High-resolution snow depth monitoring for entire mountain ranges

Seismic Response of a Mountain Ridge Prone to Landsliding

An Event-Based Inventory Approach in Landslide Hazard Assessment: The Case of the Skolis Mountain, Northwest Peloponnese, Greece

Role of the Hyporheic Zone in Increasing the Resilience of Mountain Streams Facing Intermittency

Assessment of Changes in Mass Balance of the Tuyuksu Group of Glaciers, Northern Tien Shan, Between 1958 and 2016 Using Ground-Based Observations and Pléiades Satellite Imagery

Species richness and beta diversity patterns of multiple taxa along an elevational gradient in pastured grasslands in the European Alps

Glacier–Permafrost Interaction at a Thrust Moraine Complex in the Glacier Forefield Muragl, Swiss Alps

Glacial fluctuations in tropical Africa during the last glacial termination and implications for tropical climate following the Last Glacial Maximum

A Future of Retreating Glaciers in the Himalayas

Experiments Reveal How Permafrost Carbon Becomes Carbon Dioxide

Trade‐offs between biodiversity and agriculture are moving targets in dynamic landscapes

Mosses modify effects of warmer and wetter conditions on tree seedlings at the alpine treeline

Multiple Phases of Mountain Building on the Northern Tibetan Margin

18-24 July 2020

A 54-year record of changes at Chalaati and Zopkhito glaciers, Georgian Caucasus, observed from archival maps, satellite imagery, drone survey and ground-based investigation

Runoff and soil moisture as driving factors in suspended sediment transport of a small mid-mountain Mediterranean catchment

Respective influence of vertical mountain differentiation on debris flow occurrence in the Upper Min River, China

Impacts of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on lodgepole pine forests in the Intermountain West, U.S., 2004–2019

Updated cosmogenic chronologies of Pleistocene mountain glaciation in the western United States and associated paleoclimate inferences

Multi-scale snowdrift-permitting modelling of mountain snowpack

Discussion on position of China’s north-south transitional zone by comparative analysis of mountain altitudinal belts

The effects of low-magnitude flow conditions on bedload mobility in a steep mountain stream

 11-17 July 2020

Mountain Linguistics

Using large ensemble modelling to derive future changes in mountain specific climate indicators in a 2 °C and 3 °C warmer world in High Mountain Asia

[BOOK] Climate-Adaptive Design in High Mountain Villages: Ladakh in Transition

Species Composition Dynamics and Seedling Density Along Altitudinal Gradients in Coniferous Forests of Seorak Mountain

Stakeholder participation in IPBES: connecting local environmental work with global decision making

[BOOK] Landscapes and Landforms of Switzerland

How Can Ski Resorts Get Smart? Transdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Winter Tourism in the European Alps

A 36-Year Record of Rock Avalanches in the Saint Elias Mountains of Alaska, With Implications for Future Hazards

[BOOK CHAPTER] Urban montology: mountain cities as transdisciplinary research focus

Mātauranga Māori in geomorphology: existing frameworks, case studies, and recommendations for incorporating Indigenous knowledge in Earth science

1-10 July 2020

[REPORT] International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) Annual Report 2019

The effects of inter-fire interval on flora-fauna interactions in a sub-alpine landscape

A 54-year record of changes at Chalaati and Zopkhito glaciers, Georgian Caucasus, observed from archival maps, satellite imagery, drone survey and ground-based investigation       

Determining the Pace and Magnitude of Lake Level Changes in Southern Ethiopia Over the Last 20,000 Years Using Lake Balance Modeling and SEBAL

Wildfire-Driven Forest Conversion in Western North American Landscapes

Multiple glacial refugia and contemporary dispersal shape the genetic structure of an endemic amphibian from the Pyrenees

Soil erosion on mountain trails as a consequence of recreational activities. A comprehensive review of the scientific literature

High Levels of Ambient Ozone (O3) May Impact COVID-19 in High Altitude Mountain Environments

Big dairy data to unravel effects of environmental, physiological and morphological factors on milk production of mountain-pastured Braunvieh cows

Six hundred years of South American tree rings reveal an increase in severe hydroclimatic events since mid-20th century

Mountain farmland protection and fire-smart management jointly reduce fire hazard and enhance biodiversity and carbon sequestration

Reconstruction of maximum temperature on Zhegu Mountain, western Sichuan Plateau (China)

Landsat-Based Estimation of the Glacier Surface Temperature of Hailuogou Glacier, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau, Between 1990 and 2018

The Great Acceleration of fragrances and PAHs archived in an ice core from Elbrus, Caucasus

Variations in surface area of six ice aprons in the Mont-Blanc massif since the Little Ice Age

Interannual flow dynamics driven by frontal retreat of a lake-terminating glacier in the Chinese Central Himalaya

 Photo by Pixabay user mystraysoul