New Publications July 2023
article written by MRI
01.08.23 | 01:08

Welcome to our July 2023 round-up of new publications! This list contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time.

1-31 July 2023

50 Years of Experiences in The World Network of Biosphere Reserves

A Decision-Support Tool to Augment Global Mountain Protection and Conservation, including a Case Study from Western Himalaya  

A framework for participatory scenario planning to guide transitions towards sustainability in mountain social-ecological systems: A case study from the Colombian Andes  

A new inventory of High Mountain Asia surging glaciers derived from multiple elevation datasets since the 1970s  

[Report] Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons for Swiss Civil Protection 

Anthropocene trajectories of high alpine vegetation on Mont-Blanc nunataks 

Assessing scenic beauty of hilly and mountain villages: An approach based on landscape indicators  

Climate-driven ‘species-on-the-move’ provide tangible anchors to engage the public on climate chang

Collaboration and individual performance during disaster response 

[Book chapter] Compounding Risks and Increased Vulnerabilities: Climate Change, Conflict, and Mobility in East Africa 

Current and future water balance of a mountain sub-catchment of Issyk-Kul Lake, Tien Shan range, Kyrgyzstan 

Defining the Angolan Highlands Water Tower, a 40 plus-year precipitation budget of the headwater catchments of the Okavango Delta  

Dry-to-Wet Soil Gradients Enhance Convection and Rainfall over Subtropical South America 

Evaluating migration as successful adaptation to climate change: Trade-offs in well-being, equity, and sustainability  

[Report] UNDRR GAR Special Report 2023: Mapping resilience for the Sustainable Development Goals  

Global distribution and climatic controls of natural mountain treelines  

Global forest fragmentation change from 2000 to 2020   

[Report] IPCC Workshop on the Use of Scenarios in the Sixth Assessment Report and Subsequent Assessments

Legacy and current-use pesticides in Western Canadian mountain air: Influence of pesticide sales, source proximity, and altitude 

Mapping human mobility and analyzing spatial memory: palimpsest landscapes of movement in the Gobi-Altai Mountains, Mongolia 

My glacier is melting — and I’m charting its decline 

On the limited consensus of mountain pine beetle impacts on wildfire 

Opposing Patterns of Altitude-Driven Pollinator Turnover in the Tropical and Temperate Americas 

Plastic debris in lakes and reservoirs 

Political dimensions of social-ecological transformations: polity, politics, policy 

Public perceptions of climate tipping points 

Reassembling more-than-human sustainability: Relations with snow  

Researchers’ responsibility to uphold Indigenous rights 

Review article: Snow and ice avalanches in high mountain Asia – scientific, local and indigenous knowledge 

Satellites reveal widespread decline in global lake water storage

Sensitivity of Glaciers in the European Alps to Anthropogenic Atmospheric Forcings: Case Study of the Argentière Glacier 

Spatial variability of Saharan dust deposition revealed through a citizen science campaign 

Sustaining Traditional Ethnomedicinal Knowledge and Protected Areas in Synergy: A Case Study of Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary in Kashmir Himalaya 

Successional theories   

Taking stock of the implementation gap in climate policy   

The COVID-19 lockdown: a unique perspective into heterogeneous impacts of transboundary pollution on snow and ice darkening across the Himalayas 

The state, political trigger events and path creation in tourism destination in Ethiopia

[Report] The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2023: Special Edition

The value of researching the past for crafting sustainable African mountain futures 

Time series analysis of climatic variability and trends in Shiwalik to Pir Panjal mountain range in the Indian western Himalaya 

Traditional ecological knowledge-based calendar system for sustainable seasonal grazing in the Pamir Mountains

Cover image by Markus Spiske.