New Publications April 2023
article written by MRI
01.05.23 | 01:05

Welcome to our April 2023 round-up of new publications! This list contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time.

1-30 April 2023

250 years of flood frequency and discharge in an ungauged Corsican mountain catchment: A dendrogeomorphic reconstruction

A global assessment of the prevalence of current and potential future infrastructure in Key Biodiversity Areas

A multi-methods approach for assessing how conserving biodiversity interacts with other sustainable development goals in Nepal

An annotated plant checklist of the transboundary volcanic Mt Elgon, East Africa

A replicable open-source multi-camera system for low-cost 4D glacier monitoring

Assessing adaptation progress for the global stocktake

Can Saharan dust deposition impact snowpack stability in the French Alps?

Climate Change and Biodiversity Synergies: A Scientometric Analysis in the Context of UNFCCC and CBD

Climate change and the transformative potential of value chains

Climate change impacts on Mediterranean vegetation are amplified at low altitudes

Connected Conservation: Rethinking conservation for a telecoupled world

Contribution of glaciers to water, energy and food security in mountain regions: current perspectives and future priorities

Design and application of a multi-hazard risk rapid assessment questionnaire for hill communities in the Indian Himalayan region

Disrupted montane forest recovery hinders biodiversity conservation in the tropical Andes

Diverging Trends in Rain-On-Snow Over High Mountain Asia

Experimental warming increases the vulnerability of high-elevation plant populations to a specialist herbivore

Global and Regional Trends and Drivers of Fire Under Climate Change

How much carbon is stored in the terrestrial ecosystems of the Chilean Patagonia?

Lunar eclipses illuminate timing and climate impact of medieval volcanism

Games for experiential learning: triggering collective changes in commons management

In complexity we trust: learning from the socialist calculation debate for ecosystem management

Macroclimate data overestimate range shifts of plants in response to climate change

Mapping human- and bear-centered perspectives on coexistence using a participatory Bayesian framework

Measuring sense of place in social-ecological systems: a review of literature and future research needs

Overlooked risks and opportunities in groundwatersheds of the world’s protected areas

Pay more for me, I’m from the mountains! The role of the EU Mountain Product term and other credence attributes in consumers’ valuation of lamb meat

Predicting climate change impacts on poikilotherms using physiologically guided species abundance models

South American mountain ecosystems and global change – a case study for integrating theory and field observations for land surface modelling and ecosystem management

Synchronised disturbances in spruce- and beech-dominated forests across the largest primary mountain forest landscape in temperate Europe

The climate change research that makes the front page: Is it fit to engage societal action?

The Tourism Adaptation Classification (TAC) framework: An application to New Zealand’s Glacier country

The Triple Challenge: synergies, trade-offs and integrated responses for climate, biodiversity, and human wellbeing goals

The wider the gap between rich and poor the higher the flood mortality

Thermal tolerance of tropical and temperate alpine plants suggests that ‘mountain passes are not higher in the tropics’

Under the rubble: disaster risk management and accountability after the Mexico City earthquake of September 19, 2017

Cover image by Samuel Schroth.