New Publications August 2021
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01.09.21 | 02:09

Welcome to our August 2021 round-up of new publications! This list, updated each week, contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time. 

21-27 August 2021

Assessing the potential of social media for estimating recreational use of urban and peri-urban forests

Conservation needs to break free from global priority mapping

Evaluating a prediction system for snow management

From climate adaptation to climate justice: Critical reflections on the IPCC and Himalayan climate knowledges

Glaciohydrology of the Himalaya-Karakoram

Global evidence of constraints and limits to human adaptation

Grounding global environmental assessments through bottom-up futures based on local practices and perspectives

High aboveground carbon stock of African tropical montane forests

Human-driven disturbances change the vegetation characteristics of temperate forest stands: A case study from Pir Panchal Mountain Range in Kashmir Himalaya

Interrogating ‘effectiveness’ in climate change adaptation: 11 guiding principles for adaptation research and practice

Modelled response of debris-covered and lake-calving glaciers to climate change, Kā Tiritiri o te Moana/Southern Alps, New Zealand

Nonlinear shifts in infectious rust disease due to climate change

Recreational ecosystem services of mountain lakes in the European Alps: Preferences, visitor groups and management implications

Seasonal Cold-Wave Propagation Into the Near-Surface Ice of Debris-Covered Khumbu Glacier, Nepal

Spanish women pastoralists’ pathways into livestock management: Motivations, challenges and learning

[REPORT] American Meteorological Society (AMS) – State of the Climate 2020

The Causes of Debris-Covered Glacier Thinning: Evidence for the Importance of Ice Dynamics From Kennicott Glacier, Alaska

The Wasatch Environmental Observatory: A mountain to urban research network in the semi-arid Western US

14-20 August 2021

A Mountain Summit Recognition Method Based on Improved Faster R-CNN

Analyzing glacier retreat and mass balances using aerial and UAV photogrammetry in the Ötztal Alps, Austria

Can functional genomic diversity provide novel insights into mechanisms of community assembly? A pilot study from an invaded alpine streambed

Causes, impacts and patterns of disastrous river floods

Challenges to understanding nonmaterial dimensions of human-nature connections, and how to address them

Effects of stand edges on the structure, functioning, and diversity of a temperate mountain forest landscape

European primary forest database v2.0

How is water security conceptualized and practiced for rural livelihoods in the global South? A systematic scoping review

Inferring population dynamic trends of Nothofagus pumilio and N. betuloides in coastal and mountain forests of Tierra del Fuego: contrasting from flowering to seedling survival through several reproductive cycles

Integrate biodiversity targets from local to global levels

Integrated modelling to assess the impacts of water stress in a transboundary river basin: Bridging local-scale water resource operations to a river basin economy

Sampling units derived from geopolitical boundaries bias biodiversity analyses

Spatial heterogeneity of ecosystem services and their trade-offs in the Hengduan Mountain region, Southwest China

Surface ablation and its drivers along a west–east transect of the Southern Patagonia Icefield

Tree-Related Microhabitats Follow Similar Patterns but are More Diverse in Primary Compared to Managed Temperate Mountain Forests

Warning Decision-Making for Landslide Dam Breaching Flood Using Influence Diagrams

7-13 August 2021

A history of tourism at the Mer de Glace: Adaptations of glacier tourism to glacier fluctuations since 1741

Glacial kettles as archives of early human settlement along the Northern Rocky Mountain Front

Integrated approach of the entrepreneurial behaviour in the tourist sector from disadvantaged mountain areas from Romania

The Alaskan summer 2019 extreme heat event: The role of anthropogenic forcing, and projections of the increasing risk of occurrence

Urban threats and conservation measures relating to aquatic arthropods on the iconic Table Mountain, South Africa: a review

31 July – 6 August 2021

A Nationally Coherent Characterization and Quantification of Mountain Systems in Canada

Accelerating Mountain Forest Dynamics in the Alps

[BOOK] ANDEAN FLANKS: Paleoecology, Critical Biogeography and Political Ecology in the Changing Climates of Neotropical Mountain Forests (in Spanish)

Barriers to scaling sustainable land and water management in Uganda: a cross-scale archetype approach

Climatic controls on mountain glacier basal thermal regimes dictate spatial patterns of glacial erosion

Comparison of the distribution and phenology of Arctic Mountain plants between the early 20th and 21st centuries

Competition-free gaps are essential for the germination and recruitment of alpine species along an elevation gradient in the European Alps

Distributed Melt on a Debris-Covered Glacier: Field Observations and Melt Modeling on the Lirung Glacier in the Himalaya

Ecosystem coupling: A unifying framework to understand the functioning and recovery of ecosystems

Engaging with complexity in resilience practice

Evidence of glacier-permafrost interactions associated with hydro-geomorphological processes and landforms at Snøhetta, Dovrefjell, Norway

Fire, water, and biodiversity in the Sierra Nevada: A possible triple win

Habitat conservation state and plant diversity respond to different drivers in semi-natural grasslands

Last-glacial-cycle glacier erosion potential in the Alps

Mitigating the Impacts of Development Corridors on Biodiversity: A Global Review

Multiple dimensions of bird beta diversity support that mountains are higher in the tropics

Necessary or oversimplification? On the strengths and limitations of current assessments to integrate social dimensions in planetary boundaries

Rethinking the governance and planning of a new generation of greenbelts

Satellite imaging reveals increased proportion of population exposed to floods

Six modes of co-production for sustainability

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