New Publications December 2020
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31.12.20 | 02:12

Welcome to our December 2020 round-up of new publications! This list, updated each week, contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time. 

12-18 December 2020

[REPORT] Vulnerability of Mountain Peoples to Food Insecurity: Updated Data and Analysis of Drivers

Reservoir governance in world’s water towers needs to anticipate multi‐purpose use

Fire and biodiversity in the Anthropocene

New glacier evidence for ice-free summits during the life of the Tyrolean Iceman

Measurements and modeling of snow albedo at Alerce Glacier, Argentina: effects of volcanic ash, snow grain size, and cloudiness

Seasonally stable temperature gradients through supraglacial debris in the Everest region of Nepal, Central Himalaya

Linking model design and application for transdisciplinary approaches in social-ecological systems

More than one million barriers fragment Europe’s rivers

Lightning-induced weathering of Cascadian volcanic peaks

Spatiotemporal changes in ecosystem services in the conservation priorities of the southern hill and mountain belt, China

From forests to fish: Mercury in mountain lake food webs influenced by factors at multiple scales

Transformative spaces in the making: key lessons from nine cases in the Global South

Ice Mass Loss in the Central Andes of Argentina Between 2000 and 2018 Derived From a New Glacier Inventory and Satellite Stereo-Imagery

Simulation analysis of local land atmosphere coupling in rainy season over a typical underlying surface in the Tibetan Plateau

Manual Sampling and Video Observations: An Integrated Approach to Studying Flower-Visiting Arthropods in High-Mountain Environments

The structure of plant–herbivore interaction networks varies along elevational gradients in the European Alps

Numerical Simulation of Mountain Waves over the Southern Andes. Part I: Mountain Wave and Secondary Wave Character, Evolutions, and Breaking

A GIS-based policy support tool to determine national responsibilities and priorities for biodiversity conservation

Soil organic carbon storage in a mountain permafrost area of Central Asia (High Altai, Russia)

Call of the mountain: modern enchantment on and off the screen

New global characterisation of landslide exposure

Accidental wetlands – A southern African case study from the Kgaswane Mountain Reserve, Rustenburg

Status of springs in mountain watershed of western Nepal

Can Weather Radars Be Used to Estimate Snow Accumulation on Alpine Glaciers? An Evaluation Based on Glaciological Surveys

5-11 December 2020

[REPORT] International experience in transboundary mountain governance: insights for Andean cooperation

Exceptional warmth and climate instability occurred in the European Alps during the Last Interglacial period

Reservoir governance in world’s water towers needs to anticipate multi‐purpose use

Firewood-gathering strategies in high mountain areas of the Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici (Central Pyrenees) during prehistory

Estimating Mountain Glacier Flowlines by Local Linear Regression Gradient Descent

200 years of equilibrium-line altitude variability across the European Alps (1901−2100)

Long-Term Responses of Mediterranean Mountain Forests to Climate Change, Fire and Human Activities in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

Global trends in nature’s contributions to people

Post-2020 biodiversity targets need to embrace climate change

Impact of quasi‐idealized future land cover scenarios at high latitudes in complex terrain

Spatiotemporal variability of surface velocities of monsoon temperate glaciers in the Kangri Karpo Mountains, southeastern Tibetan Plateau

Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Differences in Andean Snow Depth Derived From Satellite Tri-Stereo Photogrammetry

[REPORT] Moving Towards Transformative Change for Biodiversity: Harnessing the Potential of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: An EKLIPSE Expert Working Group report

Subglacial lakes and hydrology across the Ellsworth Subglacial Highlands, West Antarctica

Post-pandemic transformations: How and why COVID-19 requires us to rethink development

Influence of land tenure interventions on human well-being and environmental outcomes

Elevational gradients in constitutive and induced oak defences based on individual traits and their correlated expression patterns

Indigenous and local knowledge in environmental management for human-nature connectedness: a leverage points perspective

A general theory of rock glacier creep based on in‐situ and remote sensing observations

Applying Citizen Science for Sustainable Development: Rainfall Monitoring in Western Nepal

Recession of Gya Glacier and the 2014 glacial lake outburst flood in the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, India

28 November – 4 December 2020

Contrasting responses of plant and lichen carbon‐based secondary compounds across an elevational gradient

Delineation of vulnerable areas to water erosion in a mountain region using SDR-InVEST model: A case study of the Ourika watershed, Morocco

Seedling emergence and survival of invasive pines in Argentinian mountain grasslands

Combining UAV-Based SfM-MVS Photogrammetry with Conventional Monitoring to Set Environmental Flows: Modifying Dam Flushing Flows to Improve Alpine Stream Habitat

Mapping of the ecosystem services flow from three protected areas in the far-eastern Himalayan Landscape: An impetus to regional cooperation

Sediment carbon storage increases in tropical, oligotrophic, high mountain lakes

Determining the impacts of wildfires on peak flood flows in high mountain watersheds

An inventory of biodiversity data sources for conservation monitoring

Cover image by Mario Rottonara.