New Publications October 2023
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01.11.23 | 12:11

Welcome to our October 2023 round-up of new publications! This list contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our attention at this time.

1-31 October 2023

A Review of Karakoram Glacier Anomalies in High Mountains Asia

A single range-expanding species reshapes alpine ecosystems and their belowground diversity

An introduction to the Annals of Glaciology special issue on the ‘International Glaciological Society Global Seminar Series: New Research Directions’

Advancing Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Large Landscape Conservation Through the Social Sciences: A Research Agenda for the Yellowstone to Yukon Region

Analysing the impact of climate and social changes on small farms in the Italian Alps: The importance of the local scale

Being Paramuno: Peasant World-Making Practices in the Paramos [High Moorlands] of the Colombian Andes

Building mountain biodiversity: Geological and evolutionary processes

Climate change accelerates ecosystem restoration in the mountain forests of Central Europe

Climate Variability and Glacier Evolution at Selected Sites Across the World: Past Trends and Future Projections

Climbing through Climate Change in the Canadian Rockies: Guides’ Experiences of Route Transformation on Mt. Athabasca

Common lands, landscape management and rural development: A case study in a mountain village in northwest Portugal

Contrasting impacts of climate change on protection forests of the Italian Alps

Cultural landscapes of the central mountains of Palestine

Development of a behaviour pattern-based testing approach for coupled socioeconomic and environmental models

Editorial overview: Leveraging the multiple values of nature for transformative change to just and sustainable futures — Insights from the IPBES Values Assessment

Fostering transdisciplinary research for sustainability in the Global South: Pathways to impact for funding programmes

Fostering Transdisciplinary Research Through Citizen Science: The Project Val d’Hérens

Land Surface Modeling in the Himalayas: On the Importance of Evaporative Fluxes for the Water Balance of a High-Elevation Catchment

Mountain protective forests under threat? an in-depth review of global change impacts on their protective effect against natural hazards

Pervasive Permafrost Thaw Exacerbates Future Risk of Water Shortage Across the Tibetan Plateau

Projected Changes in Mountain Precipitation Under CO2-Induced Warmer Climate

Role of Highland–Lowland Linkage as a Coping Strategy for Global Environmental and Socioeconomic Changes: The Case of Southeast Ethiopia

The geography of climate and the global patterns of species diversity

[Policy Brief] The importance of mountain development in the EU

The role of values in future scenarios: what types of values underpin (un)sustainable and (un)just futures?

The water outflow from neighbouring mountain catchments in the Polish Carpathians: A comparative analysis

Thru-hikers’ attitudes about potential management actions for interactions with grizzly bears along the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail

[Policy Brief] Towards systemic disaster risk reduction in mountains

Tracking succession by means of 3D scans of plant communities in a glacier forefield to infer assembly processes

Transitioning to sustainable academic conferences needs more experimentation and reflection

Cover image by Airam Dato-on.